Knit Barbie skirt free pattern

My daughter is quite taken with Barbie (da pwincess) so I started, or rather tried to start, knitting clothing for the doll.  I am a rather proficient knitter, on two needles.  I know myself well enough to know that 4 needles would only frustrate me.  But that was all 15-20 years ago right?  I’m older, smarter and if not more patient, wise enough to breathe rather than frustrate.  The gown is knit on 4 needles with the rather cryptic warning “divide 121 sts bet 3 needles being careful not to twist the stitches”.  And by the way, trying to learn a new skill with 121 stitches and 2 toddlers is like performing brain surgery on an open battlefield.  Of course I twisted the stitches and promptly gave up.

…some time later… The Barbie Skirt

(The tank top is not that good so I’m not sharing the pattern.  The skirt is very good.)

The Barbie Skirt

knit 2 the same and sew them together

Cast on 26 sts, K 1 row, P 1 row, K 2 rows (this will form fold for hem).

St st 16 rows (K1 P1)

1st dec row: *K 2 tog, K 6; repeat fr * across, end with K 2 tog.

P 1 row

st st 8 rows

2nd dec row: K 2 tog, K 5, K 2 tog, K 4, K 2 tog, K 5, K 2 tog

P 1 row

st st 4 rows

3rd dec row: *K 2 tog, K 4; repeat fr * across

P 1 row

st st 2 rows

4th dec row: *K 3, K 2 tog; repeat fr * across (12 sts).  K 2 rows (forms top hem), P 1 row, K 1 row, cast off.  Fold over both hems and sew in place, put elastic through top hem and sew both pieces together.  I can’t logically explain how to sew this thing into a skirt (it’s not hard), but I’m confident that you are an intelligent person and can figure it out.

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