Crochet Teapot free pattern

It’s 3 inches high and about 3.5 inches wide.  I’ve stuffed it so it’ll retain its shape but feel free to leave it unstuffed to make it collapsible and slide it in a diaper bag for ER visits.

I found all kinds of beautiful, realistic, creative and complicated looking crochet teapot pictures on the internet but no patterns!  Apparently you need to pay for this.  Sure, if it’s got a funky shape or pattern, by all means, copyright it, but for a plain ass teapot, you should be able to just lemme know how it’s made.  Anywho, I’m a smart person so I figured I could come up with a pattern all by my little self, and I did!  And I will share!  I have no idea if this is a “real” crochet pattern but I used a crochet hook and it’s a teapot so here we go.  

Since I invented this pattern it is now copyrighted by Anna Merlini so please include a link to this blog if you share it but feel free to use and share the pattern to your heart’s content. Just don’t use the pattern to make teapots to sell.

Teacup ball

1- Ch 4, join with sl st to first chain, making a ring.

2- Ch 1 (counts as first sc).  Sc 5 more times in ring.  On this and all following rows join to the top of first stitch of row with sl st to finish the row.  6 sc.

3- Ch 1, 1 sc in sl st space (counts are first 2 sc), 2 sc in each sc to end of row, join.  12 sc.

4- Ch 1, *1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc.  Rep from * to end, join.  18 sc.

5- Ch 1, *1 sc in each of next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc.  Rep from * to end, join.  24 sc.

6- Ch 1, *1 sc in each of next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc.  Rep from * to end, join.  30 sc.

7- Ch 1, sc in back loop of each stitch.

8- Do 2 rows of sc in each sc. 

9- Do 4 rows of dcr.  The changeover from sc to dcr will create the little expansion at the bottom of teapot.

10- Do 2 rows of sc, then one more row sc but sc in the back of each sc.  This is the little decrease at the top to give it a ball-ish shape.  Now you’ll just decrease in reverse from the bottom.

11- Sc in first 3 sc, skip one sc, sc in next sc.  Rep til end, join with sl st.  24 sts.

12- Sc in first 2 sc, skip one sc, sc in next sc.  Rep til end, join with sl st.  18 sts.

13- Sc in first sc, skip one sc, sc in next sc.  Rep til end, join with sl st.  12 sts.  At this point you stuff the thing with cotton batting or fabric remnants, such as I did.

14. Sc in first sc, skip next sc.  Rep til end until 1 loop left on hook.  Find the line of 12 sc sts and go around it in tcr.  Fasten off and thread yarn through top of tcr, pulling tight to form a bauble.

Teapot handle

Yes it looks like a grenade but that’s because I have a ball of grey yarn I need to use up for something.  You could stop here and make it a grenade.  Or stop before the bauble and make it a ball.  Once I had the ball shape I had the idea that I could’ve Googled “crochet hacky sack pattern”.  Oh well.

Stick hook in bottom of first row of dcr, ch 14, attach to top of fourth dcr row with sl st.  Ram as many sc into the “ring” as you can to make the handle.  Fasten off.

Teapot spout

Go a little bit right of the middle of the grenade, directly opposite from the handle (left if you’re left handed).  Make a circle of dcr to form the spout. Do another row of dcr, then 2 sts in sc, then 2 sts in sl st to make the spout even.  Fasten off.

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