Knit Barbie dress free pattern – strapless tube dress

Rather than the 120 sts Barbie evening gown pattern of knitting in the round strike 1 fame, I opted for a 27 sts tube dress for my second attempt at knitting with 4 needles.  I managed 2 rounds of stocking stitch with the only problem being that it was supposed to be garter stitch.  That means I somehow did it upside down and inside out.  I then made use of the prodigious brain God gave me and converted the pattern from 4 needles to two.  Believe me, my piece of paper looked like a coded plan for a rocket launcher.

Original if knitting in the round floats your boat.

Here’s my 2 needle pattern.  The only important thing is to use 3.25 mm needles or the dress won’t fit Barbie’s particular figure.  I am not encouraging the bare shoulder look for my daughter; I am encouraging the “you are 2 and while you and your brother are biologically incapable of leaving me alone for the few seconds it would take to pick the wheat bran out of my teeth, you can certainly slide a tube dress on and off a Barbie all by yourself without needing me or needing to whine/get frustrated about it.”   

The Barbie’s name is L’allowee which is toddler-speak for Fraulein Maria from “The Sound of Music”.  The name is derived from the yodeling goatherd song.  I love this movie, as does my daughter, it’s the only english musical I enjoy.  I know all the songs and can make L’allowee dance and sing much to Daughter’s delight.

Barbie Tube Dress Pattern

This dress doesn’t use up much yarn and you are knitting it from the top down.

Using 3.25mm needles, cast on 27 sts, K1 P1 to end of row for 2 rows.  This creates seed stitch border at top of dress.  Beginning with a K row, st st 10 rows.

To make the waist:
(K5 K2tog) to last 6 sts, K4 K2tog.  P 1 row.

(K4 K2tog) to last 5 sts, K3 K2tog.  P 1 row.

(K3, inc in next st) to last 3 sts, K3.  P 1 row.

(K4, inc in next st) to last 3 sts, K3.  This makes the waist.

St st until piece measures 5 inches from cast on edge.

To make ruffle at bottom of dress:
K1 (yo, K1) to end of row.  K 2 rows.

K1 (yo, K1) to end of row.  K 1 row.  Cast off.  Sew up seam and Barbie’s robust bust will hold the dress perfectly in place, not like in real life where you’d need a reverse velcro bra and duct tape.

The other nice thing about this dress (I’m thinking ahead here) is that it’s easy to put in an envelope and mail to a grand daughter I may have one day.


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