Crochet rings and bracelets free patterns

Did you know that you can crochet jewellery?  The idea of a necklace or headband probably crossed your mind but you can make rings too!  Here is my first attempt at a bracelet using a 5 mm hook.

I made it for my daughter while she was sleeping so it ended up being too big and now I’m wearing it.  I rolled up some of the end to make the bauble and sewed the ends together. 

Attempt #2, success!  Daughter was awake so I could measure her wrist and I used a button this time.  This is made with embroidery floss.  Someone gave me their whole floss collection when I was a girl and learning to sew.  I’ll cross-stitch but I don’t embroider.  Now I crochet bracelets from the floss, an excellent way to make pretty things and use up piles of space hogging floss.

The 20 minute bracelet pattern:

Ch 5, turn

Skip first ch, sc in each of next 4 ch, ch 1, turn

Skip ch 1, sc in each of next 4 ch, ch 1, turn.  Repeat this row until bracelet is desired length, plus 1/2 inch for the button.

To make button hole, ch 6, join to last ch of row with sl st.  Crochet a few more sc rows and fasten off.

Now for the really cool project: Crochet Rings!  Great for all the little yarn ends lying around, the kids can lose the ring or get bored with it and voila!  you can make another one to distract them.  I won’t lie, crocheting with such thin yarn and small hook is …irritating.  Also, don’t crochet immediately after drinking your morning coffee, twitchy hands are not helpful for little hooks.

The pattern:

Ch 5, join with sl st to form a ring.  This is NOT the finger band so don’t make it bigger to fit like I did the first three times.

(Ch 3, dc in ring, ch 3) 8 times, 8 ch 3 spaces made

Ch 3, sl st in top of next dc, ch 4, (sc, dc, sc) in next space; ch 9 (first half of ring band made, you’ll make the other half on the opposite side of the ring); (sc, dc, sc) in next space, [ch 4,( sc, dc, sc)] in next 3 spaces; make other half of ring band (have finger handy so you can measure it) and join with sl st in first half of band.  [(Sc, dc, sc in next space, ch 4)] twice, join to first ch 3 with sl st.  Fasten off.

Yes this is complicated and difficult as you figure out what this gobbletygook means but after that it’s ok.


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