Sew Scrooge bed hat pattern

My son asked me for a bed hat. I don’t know why, but if it makes him happy, why not. So I made one, a blue one since it’s his favourite colour, and a pink one for his sister. They’re very easy to make and don’t even have to fit properly.

Here is your pattern:

Also a pattern for a bed hat.

Also a pattern for a bed hat.

Fold fabric in half. The opposite side goes along the fold. Make the adjacent side roughly 7 or 8 inches long, the hypotenuse roughly 18 inches and sort of round the hypotenuse a bit as it approaches the adjacent side (helps to fit on the round head). Or don’t do the rounded hypotenuse bit if my instructions don’t make sense to you.

Cut out the triangle, open it up to hem the bottom (adjacent), then fold in half again and sew the hypotenuse shut, right sides facing. Turn right side out and Voilà! bed hat.

Adjust lengths to fit various sized heads.

Can also be used to make elf hats.


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