Decorate headband for little girl

I got really fed up of trying to keep my daughter’s long hair out of her food, made especially difficult because she is fussy about what kind of clip and/or hairdo you put in her hair.  It must be just so.  Phase 1 – we go for a haircut.  She loved it, the beauty salon is her castle and she sat STILL for the entire haircut.  The hairdresser was bewildered and impressed.  Phase 2 – a headband.  But not just any headband of course, it must be pink and have a certain je ne sais quoi that sparkles.

You will need, one unused pink headband and one packet of saved glass beads from the bracelet the kids broke a few months ago.

The finished product.

I found the side exactly opposite the join in the headband and sewed on 4 rows of beads.  You could make a star or flower pattern, or cover more surface area with beads, use a bunch of different colours, etc.  The crucial effect is that it blings.


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