Knit doll pants capris free pattern

Knit Doll Capris

Daughter’s Barbie dolls spend most of their time in their birthday suits so I knit some capris for one of them. I’ve included a Barbie doll for size comparisons.

Capris legs, make 2 the same

Using 3.25 mm needles, cast on 14 sts.
K 2 rows.
Beginning with a K row, st st 18 rows. Mark row end. St st 10 more rows.
K2, K2tog, K1, k2tog, K2, K2tog, K1, K2tog (10 sts).
Knit 3 rows in K1, P1 rib.
Cast off following rib pattern.

Sew each leg together from the bottom to the row marker. Sew the legs together to form a crotch.

I made up this pattern but you can use it if you give me credit for it.


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