Repurpose an old placemat into a bag

Through the vissicitudes of Hubby’s life from having a roommate, whom we’ll call Bob, to having a wife, we wound up in pocession of a bunch of bright, floral placemats that I really don’t like. I used them to line the tops of all the cupboards in the kitchen so the kitchen grease wouldn’t settle on the wood and I can just toss them in the washing machine to clean them. This left one placemat all alone in the drawer. On its way to the garbage can the day after my scrapbooking group, I thought, “Eureka! I need a transport mechanism for my stamp blocks and I don’t want to buy one. I will make one!”

I measured the placemat and the largest square I could make out of it was 12×12. I cut out a blue square, pinned them together, sewed a lotus bag from this blog

and made a carrying case for my stamp blocks.

placemat turned into bag

Personally, I find the 16×16 square makes a bigger, multi-purpose bag.

The only other two things you could make from a placemat are coasters or quilting squares.


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