Reuse towel into a bath robe for children

Three very useful and easy to make things, you should make them in this order to minimize the amount of hems you’ll need to sew.

#1 A child’s bath robe.

back, it's open in the front

back, it’s open in the front

Since it’s made of absorbant cotton rather than plaster cold water to your body polyester, it’s going to be used rather than tossed in the dressup pile. I decided to make a set to take to the super duper indoor pool so the kids can stay warm on the long march from the waterslide to the family change rooms. It’ll fit a kid from age 2-6.

In an effort to sew a straight line without the bother of pinning the whole piece I used a piece of chalk from my kids’ chalkboard. Now that is the way to do it, I’ll never pin again!

Since sewing and I don’t get along, I did not add buttons, nor applique, nor button holes, nor bias edging. I just sewed a straight zig zag along all the raw edges where the double fold bias was supposed to go.

#2 A body scrubber for the bath or shower.

You make this one second to use the finished edges leftover from the bathrobe project.

#3 Swiffer Sweeper refill cloths.

I zig zagged the edges together rather than straight stitched because I find this prevents fraying much better.

*Note from personal experience: You’re best off to add 1 inch to each of these measurements so it’ll actually fit over your swiffer sweeper. Or you could just forgo the closed ends and hem a wrap around piece of towel that tucks into the grooves just like the normal, disposable wipes.

If you had a sponge push mop you could adapt the size of the towel cover to fit over the mop instead and make your own sweeper. (that’s my idea)

I didn’t come up with any of these ideas on my own, I just googled “what to make with an old towel” and these were the best and most useful suggestions.


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