Very easy knit wallet (billfold) free pattern

I needed a portefeuille (a billfold, or more literally, a leaf carrier or paper carrier) for my loyalty dollars from my favourite pharmacy so I knit one.  It’s very easy, an idiot proof pattern for any beginner.  You could sew it with fabric instead if you’re not a knitter.

Knit a rectangle wide enough to hold a $5 bill and or coupons.  Make it long enough to fold both ends in towards the middle to hold your papers.  Sew the edges shut, I did this with a crochet hook and a single crochet border.  Leave a little space in the middle so you can fold the thing in half.

knit wallet billfold

Mine is two different colours because that’s all the yarn I had.  You of course would use one ball of yarn, or make up your own pattern.


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