Pocket facial tissue holder or pouch for matches free pattern

I’ve been slightly annoyed by my broken match box and was reading one of the blogs I follow when I found this.


Intrigued by the little pouch looking thing, I clicked on the link.


It’s a cozy for the wee packets of tissues, which I thought was brilliant enough.  And would be an excellent, mailable Christmas gift.

I decided to make a pouch for my matches since the pattern spoke to me on a “no pinning” level.

I traced the 5X5 book to make 4 squares.  You put two squares together, wrong sides facing, with the piece that you want to become the bottom of the pouch on the top.  Fold the other 2 squares in half and place on top of the non-folded squares.

Since my matchbox was broken, I cut the scratchy sides off and sewed them to the top flaps before I sewed the flaps to the bottom squares.  I also overlapped the top flaps so the pouch would be more closed than the tissue cozy and not spill matches everywhere.


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