How to make Valentine’s Day cards for and with preschoolers

DIY Valentines for preschool

It’s that time of year when parents of young children have to make/buy 25 or so heart themed cards for a bunch of kids they don’t know. Well in our case I don’t know them seeing as we moved to this province a month ago and this is our son’s third day of school. His teachers gave me the class list and plus him and the two of them that makes 21 cards. Here’s what I did.

I googled “heart template 8.5×11” and found a suitable pdf with 5 hearts on it that would print on an 8.5×11 piece of red card stock and I printed 5 sheets of this (because one of the hearts was too small to use alone, I glued two of them together so they’d be big enough to write a kid’s name on).

I cut 5 pieces of scrapbook paper (12×12) into 8.5×11 size and printed the same template on them. I’m sure there’s a computer-savy way to print the template at 80% of the size of the original but since I don’t know how and wasn’t going to spend an hour figuring it out for the sake of 21 cards, I just eyeballed a reduced size heart inside the original printed one and drew it in pencil.

I cut out all the hearts.

I set up two chairs in a row at the table, put a scrap piece of paper at each and sat down Son and Daughter. Son was in charge of dabbing 3 dots of glue on the back of each coloured heart and Daughter was in charge of flipping the paper heart over and pressing it onto the larger cardstock heart.

I wrote the name of each kid on the front and Son signed his name on the back.

I used the extra non-heart bits of the paper and a paper punch to cut out cirlces for the envelopes to cover the RSVP address on them (they were leftover envelopes from my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary that they gave me since reusing envelopes is one of my specialities). I wrote the name of each kid on the front, slid in their heart and a wee chocolate and voilà.


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