Stuff the Christmas stockings with dental hygiene

dental hygiene for Christmas

dental hygiene for Christmas

It just happened to be “buy everyone a new toothbrush” day yesterday in our house which reminded me that my grandfather always used to buy everyone a new toothbrush and generous toothpaste supply for their stockings at Christmas and I think it’s a really good tradition to continue.  I’m already known as the soap lady in my family because I always give what I consider to be exceedingly useful gifts for Christmas, which began with the year I got everyone soap.  The following year I made everyone laundry detergent and gave them boxes of SOS scouring pads.  And so it continued.

I’ve already got my Christmas shopping done for this year, so the toothbrush idea will be stored for a Christmas future.  Meanwhile, you can benefit from this great idea, and if you’re in Canada, go to and stock up.  There are no shipping costs within Canada and they deliver to your door.  Yes, that’s where I got our new toothbrushes and I must say, as I get older and learn to identify things that annoy me, that through complete serendipity, I bought some awesome ones.  They were on sale, which is why I picked them, but they have smooth, rounded, clear plastic heads and this makes them glide in your mouth better, without bashing into the back of your jaw.  Bet you didn’t know that was annoying you too!

All the old toothbrushes got demoted to cleaning brushes, to replace the previous occupants of those posts.  There’s one for the bathroom, one for the dishes and one for the laundry stains.

Get toothpaste, fluoride free for really young kids who still swallow the toothpaste, floss (the really expensive, high tech, convenient kind.  It is Christmas after all, it should still be a “spoil you” present.), toothpaste and mouthwash for a complete dental stocking experience.


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