DIY Halloween ghosts

Dummy proof and kid friendly.

Gather up white material and other scraps for stuffing.  White matchless socks would work too.

The bottom three “rectangles” are my ghost shells, the above piles are the stuffing for the heads.  The middle one is stuffed with leftover denim from my fold-n-smush jean basket project.  See how dummy proof this is, the rectangles don’t even have to be straight or the same size! And you can use anything for stuffing them, in fact, I recommend rags of old clothes, towels or matchless socks or sheets. This adds weight to the ghost so he billows gently in the wind rather than fly into the neighbour’s yard.

Wad up your stuffing and place in the middle of the rectangle.  Gather the fabric around the stuffing and tie the head shape with string.  Let the kids draw faces on the ghosts:  unsupervised with washable marker, SUPER SUPERVISED with permanent marker.  If you use permanent marker, you can hang the ghosts outside and they’ll survive the elements, drying naturally.  When Halloween is over either toss the ghosts in the dryer to store for next year or toss them out completely.

The middle ghost has a painted toilet paper tube above his head (from our homemade bowling game) so the string I threaded through the top of their heads for hanging them up is visible.  I believe the one on the right is my son’s interpretation of what Mommy looks like; upset because someone probably just made a mess.

Before we hung them up the kids were running around the house with their “angels” and “Mommy” and “Daddy” having all kinds of adventures.  This suggests to me that you could make these ghosts in different colours and use them for indoor imaginary play or for babies.


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