Cheesy scrambled eggs for kids free recipe

Part (a big part, close to 99%) of a toddler’s day is spent whining.  If the 11:14 cause of this is hunger, then I bet that although their mouth is open wide in whine mode, they won’t put food in the gaping maw to help themselves out of the maelstrom of noise.  As long as they like eggs, this recipe will work.

eggs, milk/cream, cheese

eggs, milk/cream, cheese

1 to 1.5 eggs per kid
1 tbsp milk, cream or coffee creamer per egg (eyeball amount of course)
1 tbsp grated cheese per egg (eyeball again, more is better)

Mix it up and scramble them.  Serve with whole wheat toast spread with a thin layer of butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar (don’t panic, 1 tsp of sugar has 16 calories and 3 minutes of whining will burn that.  Kids need calories.)

Now they’re quiet, getting protein, iron, calcium, whole wheat and calories.  If you ca get a fruit into them afterwards they’ll have gotten all the food groups!

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