How to make a Denim basket, the fold and smush old jeans free pattern

My kids are into sidewalk chalk.  Once our driveway and rock wall are plastered, we go over to the neighbour’s to do the same.  We needed a way to cart over our art supplies, both because of the amount of them and so that the 2 sets are ALWAYS kept separate.  I had planned on turning my old pair of jeans into a large carry-all basket for all my gardening tools but I made 2 smaller ones for the chalk.

I didn’t line it because it’s for outdoor use and I don’t have a denim needle on my machine so I just straight stitched it all together without hems.

I found a 6 inch square book in the kids’ bookshelf and traced 5 squares for each basket.  I zipped the 4 sides together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving roughly 3/4 inch at the top and bottom of each panel unsewn so I could attach the bottom at one end and fold over the other for a hem and handle.  I measured this 3/4 inch leeway with an “invisible line”:  find a feature on the sewing machine at that approximate length and always line up the fabric with it.  The brown line you see on the square shows you what I mean about leaving some space.

Add the bottom square, sewing it to all four sides individually.  After this is done, fold and smush each corner and sew it shut.

I sewed 2 strips of the jeans together and turned it right side out to make a handle.  I folded down the top of the basket, cutting a slit on 2 opposing sides to slide the handle through.  I used a fancy pantsy zig zag stitch on my machine to sew it all together, adding a second row over the handle.


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