Easy to sew doll quilt

Don’t make a double, queen or king sized quilt.  A child size one is big enough or in my case, for a My Little Pony. 


One old pair of pyjama pants, other contrasting colour fabric and a sewing machine.

I laid one pant leg flat, smoothed it out and pinned a scrap of blue fabric on top.  The blue has a checkered weave, my favourite because the lines are premarked and I don’t have to do anything more.  I pinned the right sides facing, cut out the pj pants and machined sewed it all together with a 1/4 seam allowance.  Turn right side out and the first layer of pant leg acts as your quilt batting, again so you don’t have to do any extra steps.  Machine stitch around the rectangle quite close to the edge, then across the checkers to create a quilt pattern.  Good night Pony.

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