Sew fabric lotus bag with drawstring for Barbie shoes

I made a smaller origami bag for the Barbie shoes.  I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance for piecing it together and 3/8 inch for the drawstring track.  The 2 squares (orange and white) are 9.25 inch square, cut with my first substitute tool, the “Eye Spy” book.  I don’t have a cutting table, or a straight edge for that matter and neither piece of fabric had a right angle I could use to measure from so I took a square book and traced it using a light, washable marker (because I have kids and no official sewing pencil chalk thing).

I folded each flap over on the wrong side to sew the drawstring track, then threaded a thick string I had leftover from my youth when I honestly thought I would handmake everything for my grownup house and collected materials.  Now I’m just using up clutter.  If I had no ribbon I would have crocheted a chain of yarn and used that.

Here is L’allowee and her shoes.


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