Knit Barbie cape free pattern

My son, daughter and myself had gone to visit our new neighbours who have a boulder wall.  Four of the five collective children are able and allowed to play on the boulders, the baby who recently acquired the gift of bi-pedal locomotion is not.  Naturally she climbed anyway while her mother and I were on the porch drinking coffee.  Suddenly Baby takes a turn for the worse, goes kettle over can, and her face is rapidly approaching a large chunk of rock while her feet tickle the underbellies of passing flies.  Her mother made a futile leap to try and save her but we all knew she was too far away.  From out of nowhere, since we weren’t watching her, my 2.5 year old daughter clutches Baby around the waist and rights her, no harm done.  We clapped, cheered and praised and when I told Hubby what had happened later that evening so he could clap, cheer and praise, Daughter responded “Uh huh, you have ta be cawful holding a cat”.  She meant Kiki, the kitten, who it turns out was the highlight of the whole visit and the only news worth spreading.

knit Barbie cape free pattern

knit Barbie cape free pattern

So I’m knitting a cape for L’allowee (the Barbie).

Cast on 30 sts.  K 3, yo, k2 tog, k to end of row.  This forms button hole.

K 27, turn, k to end of row.

K 24, turn, k to end of row.

K 21, turn, k to end of row.

K 2 rows.

Repeat these last 5 rows 14 times, cast off and add button.


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