DIY Garden border and free watering can

I found a chipmunk in my outside garbage can yesterday.  It’s the same fellow that lives in my rain gutter and I believe, ate some of my spinach.  I harvested the remainder of the spinach before he could get it.  It isn’t raining much this summer so the spinach wasn’t doing spectacularly anyway.  Although compared to how I usually garden, which is to kill everything, the spinach is doing great!

In other gardening news, I finished putting in the log border around the garden that lines the walkway.

This border serves a number of purposes to make my life easier: one- it’s pretty, two- it keeps the lawn from growing into the garden, three- I sunk the log deep enough that I can run the lawn mower over it, thus eliminating the need to weed the edges by hand. 

I’ve been despairing my lack of an official watering can all year, using two big buckets to haul water up from the swamp by hand instead.  The trouble is that the large opening of the bucket creates a severe force of water hitting the plants and dislodging the dirt around them, hence the need for the softer opening of a watering can.  Since it isn’t raining much I decided to scoop the rinse water from the dishes into a container to water the vegetables.  Upon trying to find a suitable container I lighted upon an empty jug of liquid laundry detergent- now my new watering can!  The spout is small enough to pour without damaging the plants and I didn’t have to spend any extra money.


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