DIY Envelopes and DVD cases free templates

So you’ve printed out some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney princess pictures from for the goobers to colour; what do you do with the pile of them when the day is done?  Keep one per kid every couple of months to put in their scrapbook to edify the world as to their colouring progress and turn the rest into envelopes.

This will make the best use of a piece of 8.5 X 11 paper, what you’ve printed Mickey Mouse onto anyway. 

Here is the template pdf.  When you print it, un-check the “scale to fit page” box so it will print out to the right size.  Print it onto a piece of cardstock, cut it out and you’ll have your very own template.

Letter envelope

Since children are very prone to destroying DVD cases, you can also use their artwork to make new DVD envelopes.  I have reused an envelope to make this one but you can use Mickey Mouse art too.  The green squares are a piece of paper I used to block the addresses on the envelope (I’m trying to remain as private as possible in the world of Big Brother Google Earth).

DVD envelope

The tracing and assembly, using my “Salt” movie for demonstration purposes.




Trace template

Cut out envelope, fold, glue edges, label envelope, insert DVD


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