Reuse old, wooden paper towel roll holder

wooden wall mount paper towel holder

wooden wall mount paper towel holder

What exactly does one do with it when one buys a house with one attached?  The first thing you do when there is a 2 foot clearance between the cupboard bottom and countertop and the holder occupies almost 1 foot of that, you remove it.  And since the wooden dowel unhooks every time you try to rip off a piece of paper towel, you do not reinstall it somewhere else to hold paper towel.  So what do you do?  Oh so many possibilities.

Screw it to the inside of the closet door to hang ties, use “S” hooks to hang necklaces, or thread the dowel through a purse collection.  Screw it into the ceiling in the laundry room (or if that’s too high, screw it into the underside of a shelf) and use it to hang clothing and clothes hangers to dry.  If you make your own paper, use it to hang a sheet to dry.  Or hang money to dry if your significant other forgets to remove his wallet from his pants.

At kid height and with “S” hooks to hang coats in the entry way or in their closet for hoodies.  In the bathroom as a towel rod.  And oh the decorating possibilities if you paint it!  Put it on the wall in the living room, glue 2 clothespins to the front to hold the kids’ latest artwork.  Side of a dresser threaded through an old pillow case for a laundry hamper, or stuffed animal shelter.  Or, my favorite, for donation items.

Hold clothing for mending, matchless socks, books the kids spilled juice on and need to dry.  Under the computer table to corral all the cords.  To hold rolls of ribbon, 4 glued clothespins with everyone’s chore list for the day, hang up umbrellas or strollers, on a teenager’s bedroom door with notepad and pencil so you can have an actual exchange of sentences and get clues into teen’s mood (STAY OUT-pretty petty and cranky, you should go in and give a hug.  And probably money.)

To hold your ironed goods so they don’t crease before you put them away.  Mounted above a thin window, like the kind beside the front door, to hold a nice curtain.  Glue on a bunch of clothespins to hang wet mittens.  Use twist ties to hold earrings or shower curtain hooks to hang doll clothes.

In a secret location to hang up your hand-wash-only, super secret lacy racy unmentionables.


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