Avon cream eyeshadow review and swatches: Pebble Stone, Cool Grey, Candy Sorbet, Seafoam Green, Frothy Mocha

I scour the internet to review these so you don’t waste time and money and so I don’t waste money on something I’ll never wear. I have wanted a light green eyeshadow for those days when I want to look a little more alive than dead. I tried a powder one and the colour was awesome, but the staying power was not, so I’m going to try Avon cream eyeshadow in Seafoam Green.

My Avon order arrived today and since they were on sale (I think they still are) I got all the colours except Sparkling Plum because it SPARKLES and Winter Taupe because it’s too dark and would make me look punched in the face. See, I can learn from other people’s reviews.


Sparkling Plum cream eyeshadow, Seafoam Green cream eyeshadow, Pebble Stone cream eyeshadow, Exquisite Blue cream eyeshadow


Candy Sorbet cream eyeshadow, Cool Grey cream eyeshadow, and Winter Taupe cream eyeshadow


Pebble Stone cream eyeshadow and Sparkling Plum cream eyeshadow.


Pebble Stone cream eyeshadow

What I discovered

Frothy Mocha top, Cool Grey middle, Pebble Stone bottom

Frothy Mocha top, Cool Grey middle, Pebble Stone bottom

This is my arm on a window sill. I applied three coats of each but you don’t need that much on your eye lids so DON’T PANIC.

Cool Grey- A bit silver white, more bright than sparkly. You can wear it alone but it would be better for layering, which I don’t know how to do.

Pebble Stone- More light peach. It’s basically my eyelid skin colour but better. Perfect for looking polished, the “no makeup” makeup look.

Avon cream eyeshadow Frothy Mocha

Avon cream eyeshadow Frothy Mocha

It’s the flash that makes the makeup look alight. It’s not really like that, the colours are subdued and natural looking, except for the green and pink.

Frothy Mocha- Perfect for anyone who is just starting out on the makeup path, especially; or maybe only; if they have brown or hazel eyes. You can’t screw this up.

Candy Sorbet- Just like in the catalogue or website. Perfect for someone taking their second step into the makeup world and wanting to jazz it up for a first date. Can’t screw this one up either, unless you put it on too thick.

Seafoam Green- The one I was after. Perfect for my brown eyes and making a statement without effort. Excellent for a date that is going somewhere.

Cool Grey left side, Pebble Stone right side

Cool Grey left side, Pebble Stone right side

The flash made them both look bright white, but they aren’t. This is why I don’t do my own makeup swatch posts, I have no idea how to take the pictures.

Now I’m going to get a toothpick and some nail polish and initial each little pot with the name of the colour.

I applied with my ring finger (the most delicate finger you have), the stuff glides on like something between water and Vaseline. The staying power is Monday to Friday 9-5, perhaps a touch up after the stressful 2pm meeting. It’ll look freshly applied for about 8 hours, after that you probably want a new look for the evening anyway.

The colour will be more concentrated and the application more precise if applied with a cream eyeshadow brush ($2.99 Avon)

The brightness of these creams makes them great for lining under your eyes or just in the inner corner to look younger and more awake.

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