Sunblock infinity scarf

I got the idea to do this while I was checking out the new mark. Avon catalogue and it contained an infinity scarf for the season. The thing has a flower motif and I don’t wear flower stuff except for the dandelions and clovers that my kids pick for me. Those I put in my hair.

I have also been having difficulty this year with my décolleté skin: it burns. A nice infinity scarf, looped over this delicate area from my clavicles to my shirt would solve all my problems. Plus I’d have an extra accessory.

I began with a blue scarf I already owned.

diy infinity scarf

diy infinity scarf

Making sure to keep the scarf from getting twisted, I circled the scarf back on itself about a foot and sewed it together at the two red lines.

wear instructions

wear instructions

Place scarf around neck, twist in middle and loop second circle over head.

the full coverage

the full coverage

Adjust both circles as desired. This is the “protect my chest from the sun” setup.

the slightly looped

the slightly looped

This infinity scarf will also protect the back of your neck if you’re gardening.

DIY Dove body wash from Dove soap bar

Dove Body Wash

Dove Body Wash

My favourite soaps are the Dove soaps: bar for handwashing, liquid body wash in the shower. I need the moisturizing soaps or my skin would fall apart. The downside of a moisturizing bar soap is that it cracks and breaks apart while there is still 25% of the bar left. I hate to fiddle with little shards of soap so as soon as that happens I replace the bar.

Not wanting to waste perfectly good soap, I break the pieces as small as I can get them, pop them into an empty pump bottle that I have and just barely cover them with water. Leave this on a window sill for a few days, shake and voilà! Dove Body Wash. Just keep adding more shards as they become available.

Moving soon: the plot thickens

There are no local moving companies that will pack your stuff for you. So in the quintessential “never say never”, I am doing something I said I’d never do again: Packing Every Damn Thing Myself!

I was packing our delicates myself anyway because I don’t trust anyone else to do it, but the rest I was so happy to think I could leave for professionals. Sadly, there are none. I had been on the prowl throwing out little odds and ends I didn’t want to deal with ever again, but only if there were in my direct line of sight. Since I’ll now have to see and touch everything we own, again, I’m chucking out more.

What went:

The shoe polish/care kit that I won at some event I don’t remember at least 10 years ago and that I have NEVER opened, not once. I only know it exists every time we move and I have to see the thing.

The large bottle of “keep the kids calm and their stomachs settled while they fly across the country” that the doctor prescribed before we moved here last year. It had expired anyway.

A series of medium boxes that I had used to sort, store and organize the kids’ toys. I am abandoning the “millions of little boxes for each individual set” system for the “meh, you’re old enough to dump it all in a big box and sort it yourself” approach.

The floor mop I replaced with a Swiffer and that I had been using to “sweep” the snow off our steps in the winter. Yes, in the winter here the snow is so light that a hairdryer, leaf blower or broom is all it takes to clear a walkway.

Some of my pyjamas that were starting to fray. I’m not going to wait for them to completely fall apart.

Girl’s hair style for straight, slippery hair

My daughter has pin straight, black, shiny, perfect but slippery hair. Mine was a bit wavy when I was a toddler, then straight until I hit grade 4 and it sprung up into corkscrews. I figure her hair will do the same thing in few years and I can teach her everything I know about managing and showing off curly hair.

Until then, I have to learn how to style straight hair so I can keep it out of her face, eyes and food. A friend had the magic touch of being able to French braid her OWN hair so she showed me how to do my daughters. The problem is that her hair is so squeaky awesome that it slides right out of a braid.

So off to youtube.

It takes me 5-10 minutes to do her hair like this, the extra time comes from her wiggling. I’ve settled on putting three joined ponytails on each side, or two if I’m in a hurry. I sometimes use the same technique on the top of her head, making a sort of French braid out of mini, joined ponytails. This is not as successful as doing 3 on each side.

This is how it looks on her. My daughter has more hair than the girl in the video so I start the little ponytails closer to her face.

girl's hair style for straight hair

girl’s hair style for straight hair

There are four ponytails on each side in this picture but I have since downgraded to 3.

Moving soon: found a house

The real estate agent read us like an open book and found us a house. “You’ll like this one.” she said, even though it wasn’t on our list and she was right. We loved it and we bought it. We’re moving in a month.

More things I got rid of:

An entire basket of magazines I haven’t looked at since we moved a year ago

Condiments Hubby bought for one recipe and never cooked with again

Little bits of to do lists floating around the house that I never to done

Kitchen gadgets I thought Hubby would love but he never used. The kids’ school was having a yard sale and looking for kitchen items so I donated those.

The complimentary bottle of shampoo from the hair salon that smelled great but totally stripped our hair dry.

All the cheap little gizmo toys the kids won at the arcade.

We`ll be moving soon

As you know, our family moved across Canada last January and we are renting a house until we buy one. We`ve saved up the downpayment, calculated what we can afford while still putting money aside for retirement and the kids`post secondary education, and now we`re going to look at houses.

The move probably won`t take place for another few months (please God before it snows!) so I have until then to throw out more stuff. I went through everything we own as soon as we landed last year and was rounding over the garbage bin for about a year. When we moved, we moved 213 units; sometimes that`s a box, sometimes a rake; and this time I want far fewer units.

The push is on to downsize to bare bones! Today, the Tupperware cupboard and the collection of jars I`ve washed and saved “just in case”.

Child’s artwork mirror

My daughter painted this abstract piece at school one day and I liked the colours so I cut it into strips to frame a mirror that I had. I had already used the mirror as a frame for a palm cross my friend made for me one Palm Sunday when I couldn’t make it to Mass.

abstract art by 4 year old

abstract art by 4 year old

prepurchased decorative mirror

prepurchased decorative mirror

the final piece

the final piece

Cleaned out inbox

I cleaned out my emails last night and now have 3 emails in my inbox. That’s it.

I’d been meaning to do this virtual chore for over a year, basically since we moved, and I’ve been putting it off for just as long because, ug, this is boring and takes forever.

Not if you adopt the “I haven’t cared for a year so I definitely don’t care now” attitude.

I clicked “select all” and “delete”. I kept the email of my best friend’s wedding, another I received that day that I need to reply to, and the confirmation email for my seed order. The remaining 500 or so just disappeared. No more agonizing over what to keep then never look at again, just delete.

The 2014 mark by Avon juice gems high shine lip gloss apple spice

Lipstick is my makeup thing. Each colour makes something different in my mood and is the foundation of the persona I want to project. It’s the only makeup product I use up other than foundation, but everyone needs foundation. I’m a dry lips gal so I need creamy lipsticks and usually just wear glosses.

I was dismayed by the first round of juice gems. Not a single colour was appropriate for me (some had no colour at all or SPARKLES) except for the pomegranate one and then I didn’t like the tube. The slanted applicator was too big and I’d wind up with gloss smeared all over my chin and upper lip. Then mark. came out with 4 new “shades” and a different tube, longer and thinner.

the new lineup, longer tube, smaller applicator

the new lineup, longer tube, smaller applicator

I look good in browns so I decided to try the apple spice mark. Juice Gems High Shine Lip Gloss It’s not brown at all. It’s a muddy mauve but that is also an excellent colour for me so onward ho!
the sunlight gives this an orange-like tint which is not there in real life

the sunlight gives this an orange-like tint which is not there in real life

As you can see, this is not a brown colour like the official mark. site shows.

out of tube colour

fuzzy picture but this is exactly the colour of the gloss coming out of the tube

fuzzy picture but this is exactly the colour of the gloss coming out of the tube

I get eczema on my lips so this slick and thick gloss is perfect to soothe that. That’s what the red patch on my top lip is, eczema.

I only applied it to my bottom lip

I only applied it to my bottom lip

As you can see, there is a colourless gloss on my bottom lip. Technically there is a diluted mauve on there, but my lips are a mauve colour anyway so it really didn’t show up.

I smooched a super white napkin and left a pale pink-mauve lip print but it isn’t dark enough to scare my husband off from kissing me. The gloss wears off your lips very quickly even if you’re not eating.

I like the applicator and the gloss consistency but unless any of the other colours pan out, I’m sticking to the gloss gorgeous’.

Don’t poo where you drink

As I was doing my weekly countertop scrub down, I eyed the Brita water jug that we keep pretty much next to the sink. We drink a lot of water very quickly so it’s an extra step to put the thing in the fridge. I was much happier just leaving it on the counter under the cups.

wash me

wash me

But the poor thing still needs to be washed from time to time.

Sooner if it’s not refrigerated.

It’s basically standing water, you know, the kind that breeds mosquitoes, algae and parasites in the great outdoors. And we’ve decided to store it near food! Food is notorious for going bad after a few days (and it should. Don’t eat anything that doesn’t decompose). The 4C of a fridge will inhibit bacterial growth but they’ll still grow because like all living things, they like to live too.

If you don’t want bacterial or fungal growth in your water, wash the water jug. I just popped mine in the dishwasher.