How to change a toilet seat because one day you’ll need to

Gloves, you will need/want gloves for this, especially if you just bought the house and are changing someone else’s toilet seat. That’s probably something you should do in a new house anyway, along with changing all the locks. Fluids inevitably leak under the screw assembly, as you’ll see, and who wants other people’s pee in their house?

Changing a toilet seat is easier than changing a lightbulb. I don’t have to get a chair, climb on a chair, unscrew all the light fixture doodads while hoping they don’t fall onto my face, unscrew the tighter-than-a-toad’s-ass broken lightbulb while hoping it doesn’t shatter, replace bulb, test bulb, and replace light fixture.

A DIY Barbie closet rod and hangers

Following up on the lack of space for Barbie clothes on the clothespin board I made, I made a Barbie closet.

My daughter’s closet has a built in unit with adjustable shelving option. You’ll see in the picture that the sides have little holes at regular intervals where you can put a shelf holder peg in the hole. What I did was enlarge a hole on either side (already pre-measured to line up!) with my drill and a 5/16 drill bit. Then I cut my 5/16 wooden dowel to the right length and popped it into the holes.

I twisted paperclips into clothes hangers (USE THE BIGGEST PAPERCLIPS YOU’VE GOT FOR THIS).

None of this is difficult, you just have to have the tools and dowel lying around. Otherwise you have to leave the house to get stuff which is not my idea of a fun project.

DIY Barbie closet within tall closet shelving unit.

DIY Barbie closet within tall closet shelving unit.

Upcycle baby change table into scrapbooking table

I did not object to scrapbooking on the ironing board at our other house but the ironing board, though long, is not very wide and a 12×12 sheet is too big to fit.  You’d have to slide it down to work on the top half, then up to work on the bottom half.  I just wanted a 7 foot long, oak, executive, conference, beautiful drawer pulls and with plush armchair at the perfect height.

In the meantime I took the bottom two shelves off the change table.  The top one is wide and long enough for 12×12 SB sheets.

Later when the rest of the room is unpacked and set up I’ll buy some spray paint and make it pretty.

remove bottom 2 shelves

remove bottom 2 shelves

Reuse baby bassinet, no sew option

Our house has a huge living room and we have one sofa. I’m trying to fill some of the space, as tastefully as possible, so the kids can’t spill juice on it and so it looks a little better.

Here is my corner window treatment, the bassinet both my kids were babies in but with one of my apparently very many duvet covers safety pinned around it. Don’t pull it tight because it has to cover the wheels. If you want an actual bassinet ruffle cover that you sew to fit, seek Pinterest.

I did it this way to kill 2 birds with one stone: use for the duvet cover and use for the bassinet. I was going to store the board games and puzzles in it but the kids ejected them and put their teddy bears to sleep in the bassinet instead. Whatever.

pin duvet cover around bassinet

pin duvet cover around bassinet

Barbie clothing organization

I suppose this unit will help to develop fine motor skills in my daughter, but really, I just want the Barbie clothes off the floor.

I was inspired by something on Pinterest and this is what I made.

Barbie clothes organized

Barbie clothes organized

I glued 2 pieces of a cardboard box together then glued a 12×12 scrapbook sheet on the cardboard to make it pretty. The whole unit is 14×14. I attached 6 clothespins with Krazy Glue: 4 on top and 2 on the bottom so the top middle pins can hold longer dresses. I also put a layer of clear packing tape around all the edges because I know my daughter will snag this thing on something and rip it all apart.

The only problem is that it’s too small for all the clothes, but at least it’s a start.

Blue and Brown small bathroom decor

There are four bathrooms in our new house and they all need to be made to look pretty. They’ll be a work in progress because I’m not in the mood to spend money for nice hardware and fixtures, then energy to repair the walls under the current towel racks, after just having moved a complete household.

The bathrooms are robin egg blue and dark brown and the two colours do go together so I could go with blue accents or brown accents. I decided on blue and white just to make the space cheerier.


small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom stand decor

small bathroom storage

small bathroom storage

small bathroom sink storage

small bathroom sink storage

How I did it

I already owned the blue garbage can ($1 Dollar store), the white leaf tray ($1) and the dark metal storage unit for above the toilet ($80 at Zellers 8 years ago) but we had to buy everything else.

Three drawer plastic storage unit in between shower and toilet- $15 (waited for a sale)

Floor to ceiling spring loaded shower corner shelves- $70 because there are absolutely no shelves or nooks in the stand up shower for shampoo and soap.

Giant, glass, apothecary jar on the sink that I tossed all my face wash and hair goo into- $20

Blue, plastic container for cotton balls and cotton swabs- $8

Tray on top of toilet- $3

4 little blue, glass vases- $7

Glass fishbowl- $8

White toothbrush holder- $2. It has 2 holes for toothbrushes so I put my tube of concealer in that second hole.

Lily fake flowers- $6

Orchid fake flowers- $2

Brown vase for lilies- $8 (80% off)

The towels, although cheap, were still about- $70. We only bought them as a stop gap because our regular towels are now too old and starting to disintegrate beyond my ability to repair, but really, I want very plush and expensive towels eventually.

It’s time for ballet buns

As you know, I’ve been learning lots of braided and twisted ways to style my daughter’s hair. Now it’s time to panic because ballet lessons start next week and I have less than no clue as to how to put a bun in her hair. Youtube!

My daughter watched the video with me and agreed that even I should be able to pull these off. I’ll be adding bobby pins and hair spray just in case.

Rope twist braids

When we were kids, my sister had a Pocahontas doll with a styling attachment that twisted her hair into these lovely plaits. I thought they’d be a good idea for my daughter’s hair so off to youtube.

I did not do the zig zag part thing (HA HA HA, the very thought of attempting that!) Since this was my first time doing this I made a plain one on the side of her head, and then another. Then I decided to try the “gathering up into the twist” on the other side and that wasn’t any harder to do and it makes a sort of crown around her head, taking her hair far away from her face. I heavily wet her hair before starting to keep all the hairs in one place.

two rope twist braids down the side

two rope twist braids down the side

French rope twist braid around the side of the head

French rope twist braid around the side of the head

The secret is “turn right, twist left”.

New smokey eye technique

The amusement park was in town a few weeks ago and we took the kids so I needed battle paint to feel capable all day long. I chose this smokey eye from Cynde Watson because her looks are dummy proof. I used a dark teal for the smokey part and a light gold for the inner corner. Other than that I followed her instructions exactly. The trick for this look is to use the brushes exactly like she says.

teal smokey eye

teal smokey eye

French braid forehead crown

I did this one on my daughter and she said it was beautiful.

I don’t flat iron her hair, I spray her hair with water, and I pulled the braid tight.

To give my daughter’s hair some texture, detangle, grip and hold, I use my own spray mixture of one bottle water + one good size squirt of hair conditioner. Mix well.